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Introducing Our Sustainable Cake Delivery Service via eCargo Bikes!


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. At Victoria Yum, we are excited to announce our innovative solution that combines both these factors: our brand-new local bun delivery service using eCargo bikes! With this eco-friendly approach, we aim to revolutionise the way we deliver our delicious baked goods to our valued customers while minimising our carbon footprint.

The team behind Colchester eCargo offer a greener alternative to traditional delivery methods, this aligns with our commitment to sustainability. These pedal-assisted bikes are equipped with spacious cargo compartments specially designed to transport our our baked goods safely and securely. By replacing conventional vehicles with eCargo bikes, we significantly reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner, healthier environment for Colchester city.

What does all this mean for you? Mostly, it means quicker and more efficient deliveries, as eCargo bikes can manoeuver through congested areas and navigate narrow streets with ease. You can expect your favorite bakes to arrive promptly, maintaining their freshness and taste.

Moreover, the eco-friendly nature of eCargo bikes aligns with the values of many customers who prioritize sustainability. By choosing our delivery service, you actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making a positive impact on the environment.

We believe in supporting our local community. By partnering with the team at Colchester eCargo, we are strengthening our ties to the neighbourhood and contributing back to the local economy.

Our delivery riders, equipped with their trusty eCargo bikes, become familiar faces in the community, fostering personal connections and customer relationships.

By choosing our local cake delivery service, you support our commitment to building a vibrant, sustainable community. We strive to make every interaction a meaningful experience, from the moment you place an order until your bakes arrives at your doorstep.

As we embrace a future that values sustainability and convenience, we are really proud to be working with Colchester eCargo. Opting for this eco-friendly approach, we redefine the traditional delivery experience while reducing our environmental impact. Through the support of our loyal customers, we continue to create a sustainable future for all. It's a win win all round.

During our soft launch, you can place orders online for local delivery every Saturday, enjoy delicious treats delivered to your door, guilt-free.

Together, let us savour the joy of freshly baked treats while treading lightly on our planet!

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