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Something to celebrate?

You can now order a tiered or stacked cake online without too much fuss. 

We have put together a section to allow you to build your celebration cake in a traditional 'stacked' or 'tiered' design. 

You will need to add each element of this section to build your cake.

1. Select your bottom tier (add to basket)
2. Select your top tier (add to basket)
3. Select your decoration (add to basket)

Complete orders will have 3 items in your basket - incomplete orders will not be processed.

Your cake will be presented on a sturdy board with supportive dowels inserted to hold the upper tier and placed in a special box designed for heavier, taller cakes. 

Your cake will need to be collected and refrigerated before your event.
In advance of your collection please ensure your venue/caterer has capacity to store your cake in a fridge.

Note: Our cakes are boxed safely for transportation but do note that they are delicate and larger tiered cakes in particular can be heavy so we do recommend planning your travel accordingly.

Your cake will have been prepared in advance and refrigerated until the time in which you collect. 

  • We ALWAYS show you your cake at the time of collection
  • We ALWAYS box your cake in front of you so you know what you are carrying
  • We advise that you keep your cake FLAT
  • Do not tip and do not stack anything on top
  • Do NOT travel with your cake sat on the seat of your car, these are often slanted and your cake MAY slide, the footwell or the boot are preferred as both are flat.

Once cakes have left our premises, we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs in transit