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We require a minimum of five days notice of any order, this is a minimum, at busy times we reach capacity and may not be able to accept further orders for a date regardless of notice. Our advice is always to submit orders with plenty of notice. 

If arranging collection from our shop (16 Red Lion Yard CO1 1DX) please do so on the date and time slot given.

Please make sure you complete the collection information at the checkout. We cannot confirm your order without receiving your intended collection date and time. 

Your cakes will not be available for collection before the time or date stated on your order.

Your cake will have been prepared in advance and refrigerated until the time in which you collect. 

  • We ALWAYS show you your cake at the time of collection
  • We ALWAYS box your cake in front of you so you know what you are carrying
  • We advise that you keep your cake FLAT
  • Do not tip and do not stack anything on top
  • Do NOT travel with your cake sat on the seat of your car, these are often slanted and your cake MAY slide, the footwell or the boot are preferred as both are flat.

Once cakes have left our premises, we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs in transit

Yes & No.

We can send out less fragile items by eCargo (see below) and have resumed our brownies by post service.

Whole cakes and cupcakes must be collected. 

Option 1.
The eCargo bike option covers a 4.5 mile radius of our bakery (CO1 1DX), delivered by Lee at Colchester eCargo 

Suitable for Brownies / Muffins / Cookies / Doughnuts & Buns
Not Suitable for Whole Cakes or Cupcakes *
* (the motion is too bumpy and the result is catastrophic)