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Exciting Opportunity: Unleash Your Creativity in our beautiful grade 1 listed store.

We specialise in baked goods and delicious coffee but are lucky enough to have a beautiful retail section that we would love to fill with equally creative local products.

Join us in transforming our beautiful shelves and retail space into a haven of unique creations. From captivating floral arrangements to stylish puppy apparel, exquisite greetings cards, children's clothes, aromatic candles, wax melts, bath bombs or fabric gifts, we are seeking diverse talents to grace our shelves.

Whether you prefer the flexibility of weekly rentals or the thrill of a commission-based contract, we have options tailored to your needs. Our only request is a minimum six-week commitment to ensure a thriving partnership.

Imagine your masterpieces showcased in our carefully curated shelf space, gracefully adorning our inviting floors, and captivating customers on our rotating card displays. It is a wonderful way to showcase your products and brand with a low level commitment. 

One of the best parts? Your physical presence in the shop is not mandatory for sales. However, we do expect you to regularly refresh and replenish your display, ensuring an ever-evolving and captivating shopping experience.

At this stage all we ask is that you complete our application form, following receipt we will review your form and will contact you to confirm the outcome. Your  space is not confirmed until you receive confirmation from us. 

Click the link and we will take care of the rest Apply to sell with us.