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Slowing down our food



When it comes to coffee and baked goods, quality and flavour take top priority. In a fast-paced world where convenience trumps quality, I took a bold decision over a year ago, I wanted to to slow everything down and embrace the art of handcrafting everything from scratch and by hand. 

Baking a small but crafted range of baked goods using fresh, local, and natural ingredients, I aimed to create a range of bakes that not only satisfied taste buds but also reassured you of our commitment to quality.

At the heart of our baking philosophy lies the slow process of our dough based products using wildfarmed flour and our naturally fermented sourdough starter. We understand that great things take time, and our commitment to this slow process allows us to create dough with a depth of flavour and a perfect texture. By giving our dough the time it needs to naturally develop, we ensure that each bite is nothing short of delicious.

In a world that demands instant gratification, we believe in the value of slowing down in every way. By handcrafting everything from scratch, we can prioritise quality over quantity. This deliberate approach ensures that every item we produce is infused with skill and care and has our full attention to detail. We hope you can taste the difference in every bite, knowing that you are indulging in something made with dedication and passion.


No Mass Production!
One of our key decisions was to steer clear of mass-produced products commonly used in baked goods. Commercial chocolate spreads and biscuit-based creams may be convenient, but they lack the quality that we strive for. Instead, we take pride in creating our own fillings and creams, using only the quality ingredients. From fruit compotes to silky-smooth chocolate ganache, our treats are filled and rolled with equally tasty, handmade deliciousness.

In a world of shortcuts and compromises, we hold true to our belief that handcrafted products are worth the time and effort. Our buns, doughnuts, savoury bakes, and cakes are a testament to this commitment. 

At Victoria Yum, we are so proud to offer a range of handcrafted bakes, without the nasties. By embracing the slowing down of our food production, and avoiding mass-produced shortcuts, we ensure that every bite is a celebration of pure, natural, and delicious goodness.

Join us on this journey of savoring the extraordinary flavors that only handcrafted treats can deliver. Lets create food that is good for you and good for our planet, naturally!

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