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New! Puppy Cookies


Give your pup our new puppy cookies! Soft, peanut buttery treats with a dash of banana goodness, these delicious cookies will have your pup drooling with joy! So go ahead--treat your pup to something special. (And don't worry, you can have one too!)

Our pup treats are made with the same level of love, care and attention as our human treats. Our kitchen is vegetarian, so no meat goes into our pup-bakes. Our most popular base is a carrot, banana and peanut butter combination, this is sugar free obviously, we use a wholemeal wheat flour and eggs to combine our mix.

INGREDIENTS: Eggs, Peanut Butter, Fresh Bananas, Honey, Rolled Oats, Wheat Flour

Our cookies are totally suitable for you to try too, imagine a sugar free flapjack with crunchy peanut butter and bananas! Many puppy recipes claim to be dog-friendly but often still include ingredients which aren’t recommended for dogs, such as baking powder. Whilst this recipe has been designed with dogs in mind, it should still only be given to them in small amounts and as an occasional treat, alongside of a well-balanced diet.

This cake is not suitable for dogs with special dietary requirements.

The images are a meant as a guide only.

Our cakes are unique, produced individually to order and hand finished. We always use our discretion when selecting decorations for your cake, and every cake will always look beautiful and always appropriately finished. 

Your cake may vary from the images shown. 

We do not write on cakes

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