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It's been quite a week as a small business owner, a real rollercoaster of emotion and heartache. As the week came to an end it was announced that all cafes, restaurants, theatres and pubs should close, despite me already converting to takeaway only I felt following the strict guidelines was now the right thing to do, its important that we all do our bit and 'stay at home'.

Protecting ourselves and others has to be paramount even above cake. We won't be taking any 'birthday/celebration' cake orders for the next fortnight (subject to change), I will monitor the situation day by day, any changes on what I can and cannot do will be shared on social media and of course via our website, if you are playing the long game and considering cake for events beyond June, I would strongly recommend emailing us before placing an order. 

I work in isolation and am still in fine health and hope to keep my postal orders going out throughout (unless I am again instructed to stop at home). I will be taking a few days to source ingredients in a slightly calmer manner than last week, this had been really problematic and we did run dry by Friday. 

Timings are currently out of the window, postal orders gratefully received will be dispatched regularly but please note I cannot guarantee specific dates, Royal Mail are advising us that usual delivery guidelines are being stretched. 

It goes without saying that as a food business of 10 years I am maintaining high levels of cleanliness to reduce any contamination. My own personal health will also be monitored, in the event that I am unable to satisfy orders within a reasonable time frame due to any issues with my own health you will of course be notified and orders satisfied when I reopen. 

Your support and kindness is so appreciated. 

I will rise again and you will be the first to know.

Love and good vibes to you all. 

Kiersten x