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During these uncertain 'Coronavirus' times we will be listing treats that can be collected from us pretty much straight away. Much of what is listed can also be posted using Royal Mail 1st Class post. Please note that treats listed are subject to change as are our working days and hours. 

We can't promise but we will always try and help. If we have cake available for quick collection, this could be same day or next day, we will list it here. Items in this section cannot be combined with other orders, this means no adding cupcakes or brownies as an add on (unless they are listed here in this section). 

We bake everything from scratch and by hand, cakes listed here have been baked potentially for our own counter early in the day but we are happy to share with you if it helps get you out of a fix. 

Order today for collection today between 10-4

NOTE: (Important)
We have a standard 2 day policy for bespoke orders, this gives us time to collate, bake, decorate and box before you arrive, if you were to add something outside of this 'Last Minute' section, your entire order will default to a two day collection. Quick collection is for bakes listed in this section only. We will not be held responsible for orders that do not follow this protocol - apologies. Items listed are for COLLECTION ONLY. Items cannot be posted