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Collect From Bakery

NEW Collection Days: Thursday between 2-4pm or Friday between 10am-4pm Bookings now being taken until June. Order by Tuesday Midnight

During these crazy uncertain times I am trying hard to keep baking and keep our family business running, but at the same time I have to be sure that we are following guidelines to keep everyone safe.

WHAT CAN I ORDER?: Only bakes and treats listed in this section can be ordered, it is currently a one woman show and although I kid myself into thinking I am wonder woman, I definitely cannot do magic, my list on offer is a condensed version of our usual offering enabling me to bake and decorate in time for collection on a Friday. 

CAN I CUSTOMISE MY CAKE? Every cake that is prepared will be the prettiest version of itself by the time you collect, if I can get edible flowers they will be on your cake, along with available seasonal fruit and other decorations, I don’t operate like a factory and don’t produce carbon copies of cakes, everything is made by hand and from scratch and cakes may differ slightly from the image but the key components will be present so as not alter the flavour profiles.

At this present time, I cannot extract certain ingredients or mash up two cakes to make a completely different one or copy something you saw on my Instagram last summer. One day that will all be possible again but for now it is as per the list below. Sorry. 

You will be asked at the checkout to select your collection time and I ask respectfully that you arrive at your chosen time to allow us to manage our queuing system and avoid large crowds gathering. Your order will be boxed and bagged ready for a quick get away!

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery is NOT an option. If you are unable to collect, we would advise you select from our 'Postal Collection'. 

CUPCAKES – Now available in every flavour listed below

BABYCAKES - Now available in every flavour listed below


  • Baby Cake (4") Cuts into 2-3 portions
  • Small (6") Cuts into 8-10 portions
  • Medium (8") Cuts into 10-12 portions
  • Large (10") Cuts into 12-16 portions