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I must be crazy (or being put under brownie loving pressure) but yes, with the news of our 'National Lockdown' we will once again start sending 'Brownies by Post'.

In 10 months of silliness I have sent Brownies by post the entire way through, only pausing before Christmas when Royal Mail failed to deliver / lost so many it almost broke us.

Despite the higher cost, we will now only use DPD to manage our deliveries who were the most efficient, easy to communicate with and took responsibility during the first part of lockdown 2020. 

The cost of mailing a box of brownies via DPD is £8, this has been incorporated into the overall cost of your online purchase. When you reach the checkout, simply click brownies by post. Simple. 

Things that will help a smooth dispatch 

* Please (please) make sure the delivery address is correct - DPD lift the information directly from our website (your order) and making manual alterations is not straightforward.

* Incorrect postcodes are the biggest issue with failed deliveries - Please check!

* If you use Apple Pay CHECK THE ADDRESS before completing the transaction

* No one can guarantee delivery dates (not even DPD), once the parcel hits the DPD road, you will get a notification by text/email and from that point you can track, DPD have the best track system, and usually your delivery slot will be sent and is as small as an hour in a day. DPD are quick, the quickest we have encountered in 10 months but even they are suggesting 4-5 days for delivery (worst case scenario)

* I am baking and boxing daily, DPD collecting most days, please allow a couple of days for your box to be prepped and collected. 

* We only choose treats to send by DPD that we know are great to travel. Everything we send is well wrapped for extra protection. 

* Orders received Friday - Sunday will not be looked at until Monday, last collection each week by DPD is Thursday.