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Aside from weddings and birthdays we bake and supply the best everyday cakes for coffee shops and retail outlets accross London.



Our list is currently closed, please email cake@victoriayum.com to see if we can accomodate your cafe, this will depend on your location and size.


Why close the list?

We are a small but very busy family business working from a tiny kitchen, we produce small batches of 'baked to order' cakes, we are far from mass production, do not freeze cake and hand finish everything. To protect our product and maintain our very high standards we do limit the number of cakes we bake and outlets we supply to - we are only humans!


By limiting our supply we can be creative, run our small business efficiently and look after our team who work super hard being the best bakers they can be.


Will we reopen the list?

Never say never. Its always worth submitting your interest, we do evaluate our supply accross London periodically and will always contact you if we can accomodate your needs.



Existing customers would have been contacted by email explaining our restructure, following this, an email inviting you to log on to our site.


Our ordering page is now a restrictive area.



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