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We are temporarily unable to offer a delivery option at the checkout.


Sadly, in the run up to Christmas we experienced high numbers of incidents where the customer was not home at the time of delivery, where cakes were returned to us following failed deliveries, where address information was incorrectly entered resulting in a frantic calls to direct drivers and contact customers and incorrect telephone numbers submitted with orders.


We have worked with Addison Lee for years, they are professional and do a fantastic job and we trusted them implicitly to deliver birthday cakes across London but this service comes at a cost, we were being charged outrageously for ‘waiting time’, ‘failed deliveries’, ‘returned cakes’, this was unfair and unjust when we had quoted for straight forward deliveries.


Whilst we restructure our ‘delivery offering’ and attempt to bring this service in house we are only able to offer ‘Collection Only’ at the checkout.


Should you choose to send your own courier /transport you should note the pick-up address and contact number for your driver (see below), we will happily load your cake with your driver.


All orders are packed in sturdy cake boxes and kept refrigerated up until the point of collection.



Please note: we are not responsible for your cakes onward journey once it has left our kitchen.

Courier ‘motorcycles’ ARE NOT a suitable option; your cake WILL NOT survive.





Main Kitchen & HQ

Studio 31, 86b Mainyard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick E9 5LN

Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm

T 07476 706 060


(For your driver: we share a yard with BAR 90 & GROW, we are situated at the far end of the main yard, your driver should enter and navigate to the far end, we are on the right)


Your order will only be available to collect between the times shown, once you make your selection at the checkout, a reminder will be stated on your PayPal receipt.


If you are having problems getting to us you should give us a call on 07476 706060 and we will do our best to help, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund on orders placed but not collected.