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4" - 2-3 Portions


6" - (2 Layers) 8-10 Portions

6" - (3 Layers) 10-12 Portions


8" - (2 Layers) 12-14 Portions

8" - (3 Layers) 16-18 Portions


10" - (2 Layers) 18-20 Portions

10" - (3 Layers) 24-26 Portions


12" - (2 Layers) 28-32 Portions

12" - (3 Layers) 35-40 Portions


This is meant as a guide only, and largely depends on the person cutting!




We are unable to offer next day cake. We bake from scratch every day in our bite size bakery, we do not freeze or keep cakes in stock, we pride ourselves on our small batch baked goods and the process of prepping, baking, hand finishing and dispatching takes time.


We can only accept orders with a minimum of 3 working days notice, orders submitted with less than this notice may not be accepted, we reserve the right to refuse orders that cannot fulfill in the requested time frame.



Payment is due prior to dispatch, your items will be only be prepared for delivery once payment has been received.  



We bake using all natural ingredients, we do not use preservatives. We always detail guidelines on how to get the most out of your cakes; this is attached along with allergy & ingredient information on the box of each cake.


The products ordered are fresh on the day of delivery to or collection by you and will remain at their best for a further 24hours if kept by you at an ambient temperature in an airtight container. Products placed in a fridge or a freezer or kept longer than we recommend are so kept at your own risk and we are not liable for any deterioration of the products in these circumstances.


We use lots of fresh fruit to decorate our cakes, and try and use only fruits in season.  The life of fresh berries can be shorter than the life of the actual cake, we avoid using berries in warmer months to preserve the life of the cake.


Products which were due to be collected by you from one of our shops and which you failed to collect on the appointed day, or products which we have been returned to us because you were not available to receive the delivery on the day specified by you when you ordered, may be placed by us in our fridges overnight to comply with Food Safety legislation. Accordingly these Products cannot be kept by us at an ambient temperature and are therefore likely to deteriorate.



We do hope that you will be pleased with your purchase. However, if you are dissatisfied please notify our kitchen immediately cake@victoriayum.com and we will try to resolve the issue. In the case of damaged or imperfect goods you must retain the products and all packaging for inspection by us, we will arrange collection on the day, we cannot issue refunds on orders that we have not been given the chance to retrieve and inspect.


Under no circumstances will we be liable to you in respect of any complaint concerning any aspect of any product which is not raised by you within 24 hours of delivery by us or collection by you.


Since taste is a very personal matter and subjective we cannot accept the return of any cakes merely because you do not like the taste



All of our products are made by hand finished on the day, the final product will vary every time. Please bear in mind that the images on our website are for display purpose only and are not fully representative of the end product.