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I own a cafe ...

The Victoria Yum Bakery is small. Now if you’re picturing the sort of quaint establishment found on Kensington or Hampstead High Street, don’t. Our bakery is bedsit small, 3x3 metres to be precise, it’s situated in an East London car park (yep, a car park). The clientele are a colourful mix of Cockneys, Rude Boys, Hipsters and people who’ve recently immigrated to the area from far flung places like Jamaica, India, The Middle East and Notting Hill. It’s this combination of size, or lack of it, and location that makes Victoria Yum very different from other bakeries.


Based in London Fields we bake 7 days a week for local independent cafes and restaurants as well as providing cake for product launches, photo shoots, art exhibitions, weddings and birthdays.


We can supply yummy cakes and bakes direct from our kitchen to your cafe, event or office. We bake to order so all we ask is 2 days’ notice and we will have your order baked and dispatched direct to you.


If you need some help making your selection, making your budget go further or maybe some complicated allergy queries you can drop us a line cake@victoriayum.com and we will do our best to make sure that you get what you need and when you need it.


To get some inspiration why not check out our twitter or Instagram @victoriayumcake, both are fully loaded with images.


We look forward to sharing cake with you soon!